Athleisure Wear Just Got Even Cooler

You need these lace-ups STAT
Athleisure Wear Just Got Even Cooler

Sneakers are lyf, whether you're heading to a sport event, the mall, classes, work, whatevs - they're comfortable AND on-trend. 

Athlete's Co. has a HUGE range of athleisure shoes, from the latest lines to the classic kicks, you're sorted, whatever you like. And it's even more than just sneakers - there are casual shoes, flip-flops, sandals, slides and more. 

And now you can get some NEW seriously cool kicks at Athlete's Co., with the announcement that the shoe store is now selling Fila as of September 1, with some of the athleisure wear hitting stores soon after. 

The Italian brand has a range of sneakers, uber comfortable and cool, with lace-ups, with 'tude. 

Choose from the funky styles of: 

The Disruptors

Fila Ray


Ray Tracer 


They're all in Athlete's Co. stores NOW - get yours. 

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