Please Read These 5 Simple Tips For Better Skin

Seriously, we have the answers
Please Read These 5 Simple Tips For Better Skin

It's no secret your poor pores become clogged from wearing make-up on the daily. This plus sweat (we all feel it) from the relentless heat from the region means our skin demands more than a bar of soap to get gleaming. 

But fear not friends, we have some quick easy tips for how to solve your skin-dilemmas, thanks to the skin-care leading Foreo.

Here's how to get your glow back, without breaking the bank (or doing a 41-step ritual).

1. Always take your make-up off before bed

Seems obvs right? But not everyone does it all the time, and even if you attempt a half-hearted version and don’t get it all off properly, your make-up can cause damage while you’re sleeping. Cleanse your face before bed using a FOREO deeply cleansing LUNA 2, to help your skin restore itself during the night.

So, remove any eye and face make-up using a cleanser of your choice. Next, dampen your face again and apply the same, or a different cleansing product. Wet the brush surface and turn it on, activating the Cleansing Mode. A double cleansing ritual with the LUNA 2 ensures your skin gently and safely becomes squeaky skin. It's that simple. 


2. Don’t exfoliate too often


Some people think that because their skin is oily or spotty, they need to exfoliate every day, but you shouldn’t do it more than once or twice per week. And using exfoliant more often can aggravate your skin, as it is stripped of natural oils. We recommend you give FOREO LUNA 2 a try: the deep cleansing device will help gently exfoliate your skin without aggravating it, and you can use it daily, even twice a day (seriously)! 


3. Make sure you deeply cleanse your skin at least every two days

Good news, "double cleansing" rituals are totally on trend, as well as being brilliant and beneficial. Opt for a pre-cleanser to remove make-up (Cosmo loves Clinique's Take The Day Off Cleansing Balm) and follow it with Neutrogena's Hydro Boost Water Gel Face Cleanser. Don't even think about using your hands, though - FOREO LUNA 2 is here to help (the pulsations help penetrate pores more deeply, giving you a deeper cleanse).

P.S FOREO LUNA 2 also comes to the rescue with its anti-aging massage feature - all you have to do is activate the relevant mode, press the specially-designed anti-aging surface onto wrinkle-prone areas and massage for a minute. Uh-mazing. 

4. Use moisturiser, even if your skin is oily

Once cleansed, your skin is ready for skincare. Yep, it's time to care, people. A common mistake is people thinking that just because their skin is oily, they shouldn’t use a moisturiser or serum. But listen up sistas – you should still moisturise your skin, it can actually help REDUCE the oil, because overly dry skin can end up oily, as your skin is overcorrecting itself. Give it some respite with an oil-free moisturiser that’s nice and calming.

Keep hydrated people!


5. Drink more water

People legit say this all the time, so you’re probably like, OMG, I know! But seriously, water is lyf.

Drinking more water helps you flush out toxins, improves your circulation and helps keep your skin

baby-smooth. They say 2L a day, but since we’re in an uber-hot climate, and in and out of AC, 3-4L is better for you.


It all seems easy, right?

Get your FOREO LUNA 2 here, and get better skin instantly!

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