Khloe Kardashian Introduced "Calorie Counting" To True And Chicago, And Twitter Is Fuming

Uhh... they're literal babies though.
Khloe Kardashian Introduced "Calorie Counting" To True And Chicago, And Twitter Is Fuming

We can all agree on how much we envy Khloe Kardashian's drive and motivation for fitness, especially since she revealed on an episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians that people used to refer to her as the "biggest Kardashian."

She's gone a long way, and we can only imagine how intense her diet and fitness regime was. 

But we really did not expect her to include her daughter and niece into the loop. I mean, they're literally a year old!

Khloe shared some adorable pics of her daughter True Thompson, and her niece, Chicago West on their Bahamas vacation. The two girls were such a big mood with their hands deep in chips packets, while rocking their cutest outfits. 

So what can you hate about such an adorbs photo, you may ask?
Well, just read the caption Khloe put up:

Yup, Khloe created an imaginary conversation between the cousins about calorie counting, as if they even know what a calorie means. She wrote: "Chi: I heard my mama say 'vacation calories don’t count' True: Don’t tell me twice, Chi."

As you'd expect, Twitter was hella furious about this, and many people were accusing Khloe of "introducing diet culture" to children. 

Another person commented, "hey not trying to be a b***h and i completely understand this is a joke, but even things said in passing can have massive affect on young minds. be careful what you’re teaching! counting calories is rarely a healthy thing, if ever!" Which by the way, is totally true. 

On the flip side, some people actually came to Khloe's rescue and expressed how they think it's just her way of "teaching healthy eating habits."

And to make things even worst, some of her other fans took the opportunity to comment on the kids using plastic straws. To be fair, we can't actually tell for sure if those were paper or plastic, but people were mad anyway. 

So yeah, her comment section is a hot mess at the moment, but we're pretty sure all Kardashian sisters are used to backlash on a daily basis. 

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