Hot Buys To Spruce Up Your Wardrobe Before You Head Back To School

From notebooks to shoes, we've rounded up our faves.
Hot Buys To Spruce Up Your Wardrobe Before You Head Back To School

It’s nearly time to head back to school and some of us may not be able to upgrade our entire wardrobe. Check out these essential Uni items to add to your collection.

1. Rory Tote, Bally, Dhs2,700

Every girl needs a staple handbag that goes with any outfit. Peep this fabulous coral peach tote from Bally that is durable, compact and spacious enough for a MacBook. 

2. Culotte Relaxed Jeans, Mango, Dhs169

Jeans are the foundation for any outfit. These culotte jeans from Mango will go perfectly with any printed top. To jazz up your outfit, wear a pair of cute ankle booties. 

3. Professional Pizza Tester A5 Notebook, Typo @Namshi, Dhs17

Every uni student needs a notebook for taking notes, doodling or simply just for show. This pizza notebook will definitely perk you up and also remind you to have lunch.

4. Back-To-School Kit, Dhs159, Namshi

I absolutely loveee this Namshi back-to-school kit. Not only is it super-affordable but it also comes with all your necessities (notebook, water bottle, pencil case and a lunchbox). If you feel like the colour is too ‘girly’, this set also comes in grey. 

5. Acetate Frame Sunglases, Mango, Dhs99

Unless you plan on air dropping into the campus, you definitely need a pair of sunglass in UAE. These stylish glasses go well with any outfit and compliment every face shape.

6. Traveller Weekender Bag In Vesitos, MCM, Dhs5,238

This traveller bag is functional and fashionable. On those super-long days with back-to-back classes and extracurricular activities, an outfit change might be necessary. It is also useful if you are planning a sleepover with a friend and need to clothes and toiletries. 

7. Heeled Ankle Boots In Zebra, Boohoo, Dhs101

These Boohoo ankle boots have a fun, flirty, youthful pattern. As winter approaches, you need a nice, comfortable boot that will give you a confidence and height boost. The shoes alone can be your statement piece. 

8. Rain Jacket, ASOS, Dhs93

This light-weight raincoat is very simple but comes in handy when it suddenly rains (due to cloud seeding). The jacket even packs away into itself!

9. Snake Biker Jacket, ASOS Design, Dhs168

This gorgeous snake-skin pattern can instantly add a wow-factor to any outfit. Plus winter is coming and this is your opportunity to finally wear a jacket in UAE.

10. Striped Belted Jumpsuit, Namshi, Dhs90

Every uni student absolutely MUST have a smart outfit to wear for presentations. I personally prefer a jumpsuit as it is simple to wear and very flattering for any body shape.

There you have it guys. These are my top picks for back-to-school. If you like any of these items, hurry and grab these pieces while stock lasts!