15 Things To Do As A Couple Instead Of Binge-Watching Netflix

The new season of Queer Eye can wait, mmk?
15 Things To Do As A Couple Instead Of Binge-Watching Netflix

Listen, I get the appeal of Netflix. How are you expected to leave your AC-blasting apartment when just this month, Netflix dropped new seasons of Queer Eye, Glow, and Dear White People? (*In JVN voice* can you believe?) I don’t know about you, but the opportunity to sit at home with your S.O., while snugglin’ up to some Antoni sounds wayyy better than stepping outdoors to spend AED500 on a night out. 

But you guys, it’s summer! And unless you live in an area that has year-round good temps (honestly, #jealous), we should be seizing the day on this beat weather. As sad as it makes me to say this, Ruth from Glow can wait. Here are 25 other activities you can do with your S.O. besides just Netflix and Chillin’.

1. Cook your favorite take-out meal. Peep your Seamless account and see what the reoccurring to-go dinner in your queue is. Then, head online to find a recipe and stop by the grocery store to pick up the ingredients. You’re about to make some bomb AF Pad Thai!

2. DIY something for your apartment. Whether it’s something to hang up, or finally putting that table together, working together on a task can be great for your ~communication skills~. FWIW, this "date" works if you really just want your S.O. to help you with something.

3. Hit the gym. Imagine if the hours you spent burning through your Netflix queue were spent at the gym instead. You would probably be body builders by now.

4. Binge-watch ... the universe. Go outside at night and just stargaze. Take it all in. Try and find constellations and planets.

5. Go to a museum together. Museums are where people went to learn about historical artifacts before Pawn Stars was available online.

6. Take a painting class together. Classes are like those YouTube how-to videos except you go in person and actually learn something, check out the amazing classes at Alserkal's myriad outlets. 

7. Go to an amusement park. Going on all the rides is just like binge-watching in the sense that in approximately eight hours, you will be soooo sick of it. Plus Motiongate has some serious summer deals at the mo. 

8. Make cupcakes. Cupcakes are the webisodes of cakes. [Ed. note: No idea what this means.]

9. Play Boggle. You can still do this wrapped in Snuggies, lying on the couch lazily, and eating pizza. If you want to make sure you stay up way too late, play Monopoly.

10. Read to each other. Books are like TV shows that have subtitles the whole time and no pictures (assuming you're reading at your age level). If you're looking to do something as passive as binge-watching, get the book on tape and let someone else do the reading for you.

11. Read the same book and talk about it. You can even read separately on the couch and lounge around and discuss stuff afterward, just like you'd do with Lost.

12. Binge-listen to Serial. It's like Broadchurch or Twin Peaks, but you can listen to it in your car. Or in your home while you're staring at the wall. Either one.

13. Make a bucket list of things you want to do together. Hopefully you'll actually check some of these things off, but just planning things to do together can be a ton of fun. You might even learn new things about each other.

14. Read TripAdvisor reviews for restaurants and try one you haven't been to before. It's a nice way to venture out of your comfort zone, like watching a show your friend Brad from high school recommended.

15. Put your phone in airplane mode for an entire day you spend together so you can focus on just each other. When was the last time you didn't binge-watch a show and just found out what your partner has been up to? They might have some interesting office gossip to share. It might even be as funny as something on The Office.

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