5 Ways To Be Your Own Life Coach!

Cosmo's broke girl's guide to therapy.
5 Ways To Be Your Own Life Coach!

Wish you could go to therapy every week to be your best self? Yeah, us too, except we don't have thousands of dirhams just lying around. Most insurance companies don't really reimburse therapy and let's face it, it's kind of unaffordable. We're totally for saving up to invest in ourselves, but if you need immediate attention, there's no need to wait till your savings allows you to get the help you need. We've done some research to help you, help YOU. While this does not replace a pro, it could give you the boost you need to get out of your head and feeling better. Here's our round-up of therapist-approved confidence boosting tips to get you slaying life in no time:

1. Posture For Power

Need a quick shot of confidence? There’s actually a simple exercise that you can do to instantly alter your mindset, help you radiate confidence, and have you feeling unstoppable in no time. This power pose is as simple as standing up straight with your chest out, and hands on your hips. Then lift your chin up and stay like that for two minutes. Social Psychologist, Amy Cuddy revealed that doing this pose causes testosterone levels (the "dominance" hormone) to rocket 20% while cortisol levels (the "stress" hormone) fall hard.

2. Make Some Affirmations

Finally all of those screen-swiped motivational quotes become useful. Psychologists have proven that reading and repeating words that are meaningful to us can train our minds to believe them. So, get your favourite motivational memes on paper and hang them around your desk to feel empowered and take on whatever life throws at you.

3. Journal Your Way To Happiness

Life Coach, Martha Beck suggests that “self-discovery” is the key to happiness. Right, sounds a bit lengthy and complicated but Beck says that "grading" your day can actually put you on a clear path to discovering what makes you happy. Take ten minutes each day to write down the three main things you did that day and then rank your current mood level from 1 to 10 (10 being happiest). Do this each day for at least ten days, then take a few minutes and see which days had you feeling great and which had you feeling a bit low. Now, see which activities were on the better mood days and focus on incorporating more of those into your daily life. Done. You’ve just self-discovered what makes you happy.

4. Active Listening For Mental Clarity

Put those headphones in and get listening to some motivational and inspiring podcasts. With so many available, there’s always going to be one that vibes with your personality and style. Listening to relevant conversations and different perspectives can often offer clarity and open our minds to finding solutions to our problems.

5. Feel More Accomplished By Doing What You're Good At

We all get frustrated when we can’t get something just right at work or at home. We often feel defeated when we can’t ace something we’ve been tasked with. So, take time each week to do something you’re good at to remind yourself that you’re pretty awesome. Whether it’s making the best guacamole known to man, holding a plank longer than anyone you know, or simply napping like a pro - do it, love it and remember you’re great at what matters (guacamole, planking and napping).