Awesome New Hair Colours To Start The New Uni Year With

Slaying back to school in the best way!
Awesome New Hair Colours To Start The New Uni Year With

Since summer is nearly over, it’s time to get our school or university essentials. Among the top things to get is a new hairdo. As the fall season approaches, here are our favourite hair colour ideas.

1. Cherry pink

This cute, dark pink, ombre wavy Lob is perfect for fall season if you want a more vibrant and playful look. It adds a splash of colour to any outfit. You could also use this hair colour as inspiration for a Halloween costume.

2. Caramel crunch

If you want to lighten your hair a shade or two, this look just might be for you. This balayage brown colour with beige highlights will revamp your look without disrupting your existing wardrobe. It looks perfect with any hair length, hairstyle or skin colour.

3.  Silver bob

A grey bob, when done right, can create a very striking look. In a way, you are kinda ‘reclaiming the aging process’ if you dye your hair grey before it naturally becomes that way. If you are looking for a dramatic colour revamp, this might be the look for you (bangs are optional). It is a perfect way to master the Storm from X-Men look.

4. Mixed ginger

This mix of orange and burgundy is a fun, adventurous colour scheme. It combines a solid base colour with a sharp, bright contrast. The beach waves just makes the look more youthful.

5. Purple teal

This unique mix of teal and purple is so beautiful, I can’t even. The delicate blend of the two colours is absolutely stunning. The black roots help ease the transition between your natural colour and the ombre shades.

Whichever color or style you choose, just make sure you get yourselves an awesome new do...

...and stand out from the crowd.