Uhh, James Charles Just Spoiled A Surprise He Was Meaning To Reveal In A Vlog

Killer Hair-do!
Uhh, James Charles Just Spoiled A Surprise He Was Meaning To Reveal In A Vlog

Let's be real here, the internet's been thirsty for drama ever since the James Charles and Tati Westbrook tea died down, and we've all been digging for some YouTube spice to talk about. 

So when beauty guru James Charles tweeted about an "impulsive decision" he made, we were all on the edge of our seats.

But, false alarm people, because it turns out, this tweet was directed at his recent "mid-life crisis hair journey," as he called it, where he literally bleached his hair a platinum blonde from his signature glossy, brown hair. 

What's even crazier was the fact that he revealed the surprise way too early when he accidentally posted a video of his new hair on his public Instagram story, instead of his close friends list. He took to Twitter to comment on his silly mistake saying: "Omfg I’m so f**king stupid lmao I tried to post that on my close friends and wasn’t paying attention."

James seemed quite pleased with how it turned out in the video, but he later tweeted about how he "looked in the mirror and screamed." It looks fine James, calm down. 

The 20-year-old also posted a vlog, filming the entire bleaching process. He admitted the reason behind the sudden change in his intro, and said: "For some reason, I feel like I want to do my hair blonde. It feels like it's time for a change, I want to switch it up.

"It feels fun, it feels fresh, and it's just hair so if I mess it up - which I probably will since I'm going to dye it myself - I can just switch it back."

Spoiler alert, he didn't actually mess up. In fact, we think he looks absolutely stunning with lighter hair (or maybe we're just kinda tired of his usual dark hair). 

Just look at his new Instagram post!

Getting there was certainly not easy, though. His hair turned came out as this brassy, yellow colour the first time around, and he had to try again to achieve the icy, silver look he was going for. 

The end result was worth all the hassle though!

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