Why WhatsApp And Instagram Are Being Renamed

And it's all because of Facebook...
Why WhatsApp And Instagram Are Being Renamed
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f you’re anything like us, the two most used apps on your phone are WhatsApp and Instagram, which is why news that they’re both soon to have their names changed may come as a shock.

Yep, both apps are owned by Facebook, who want to bring all three platforms together under one roof. According to The Information, the company is planning to crown Instagram as "Instagram from Facebook" and WhatsApp as… you’ve guessed it, "WhatsApp from Facebook". Err, not exactly catchy, guys?

Earlier this year, it was reported that Facebook also wanted chats and messages to pass seamlessly through Insta, WhatsApp and Facebook too. Apparently, this big name change is to make it “clearer” about which products and services are part of Facebook.

The old school social media site was recently in the press for all the wrong reasons over security concerns, but founder, Mark Zuckerberg, has said the integration will form a ‘privacy-focused social network’. Further details on said integration are still TBC.

Facebook also tried to buy Snapchat back in 2013 but had an offer of $3 billion turned down – which turned out to be the right move for Snapchat, which was later valued at US$24 billion (rougly Dhs88 billion). Seriously.

In the meantime, while we wait for said changes to kick in, if you’re sick of being added into multiple group chats on WhatsApp – soon-to-be WhatsApp from Facebook – then rejoice, because at least there’s a way to prevent that.

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