On-And-Off Couple Bella Hadid and The Weeknd Called It Quits For The Third Time!

It may be for real this time
On-And-Off Couple Bella Hadid and The Weeknd Called It Quits For The Third Time!

Supermodel Bella Hadid and musician, The Weeknd just broke up, AGAIN after being in an on-and-off relationship since May of 2015. 

We've actually been wondering if they're still a thing lately due to the lack of joint appearances on social media and IRL. But sad news for Bella-Abel shippers, it seems like the two officially decided to part ways. 

According to E! News, a source told them that the break-up was due to "distance" and conflicting schedules, which was causing a massive strain on their relationship.

Both are busybodies atm, with Bella's schedule packed with preparations for fashion week, and Abel apparently trying to become an actor now? 

The source explained: "They are in different places right now, physically and mentally. "Bella is prepping for her fashion week commitments, and Abel is working on his music and his upcoming acting debut."

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Yeah, sometimes long-distance relationships can last, but since the A-list duo frequently travels between the west and east coast, they always end up in places with the "opposite times," according to the source. Imagine being in a relationship where even just calling your other half is a big task. 

Of course, not talking as much as they'd like created some tension between them. The source revealed, "They have been arguing a lot recently."

But the good news is, the model and artist seem only to be taking a "break" from each other and, "They hope to get back together at one point but for now are focusing on themselves and their projects," the source shares.

Only time will tell!

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