Psst, Here's A Sneak Peek Inside Cosmo's Neon Pool Party!

Go neon or go home
Psst, Here's A Sneak Peek Inside Cosmo's Neon Pool Party!
CosmoBy Cosmo -

In case you're boring and missed our super cute neon pool party (jks, we know you love us), let's just say it was LIT.

And if you actually made it, you'd know for sure! The 4-hour long sunny extravaganza was the definition of #hotgirlsummer - pool floats, beachy bites, and bikinis. Oh and you could get 3 complimentary drink coupons upon arrival. Like, all the summer essentials in one.

There was a super cute display by Hamac to give you some inspo for your perf beachy look. And honestly creds to them to sticking with the neon theme too, because there's not a single swimsuit I wasn't tempted to snatch from their collection *sigh*.

Alsooo, there were some amaze flipflops (you can't have enough, don't @me) and beach bags displayed to complete the whole lewk. And a gorge neon manicure bar to get your TLC while you're at it.

Did we mention you could win some cool prizes at the party? A classic Spin-The-Wheel saw many of y'all leave with some packages by Gold Collagen and idk about you but my skin defo looked good after I won.

And don't get us started on the location! Our party was at the Address Downtown, defo one of the hottest DXB spots if you're looking for views. Just peep our pool party fam enjoying a good tan to the backdrop of the gorgeous Dubai skyline!

Finally, what was the perfect touch to the event? Of course - pool floats! Every Insta-queen will know the value of a pool float for an aesthetic pic. They were swan-shaped, donut-shaped...heck, even flipflop shaped!

And as for everyone who made it, y'all were such a blast to party with! The aesthetic photoshoots gave us life and we hope you had a lit Friday afternoon too, because there's never enough neon, babes!

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