The Internet Is Fully Convinced That Social House's Mikey Foster Is Ariana Grande's New Bae

Their chemistry is insaaaane.
The Internet Is Fully Convinced That Social House's Mikey Foster Is Ariana Grande's New Bae

Ariana Grande just dropped her newest single Boyfriend with pop duo Social House, and it only took a second for Twitter to blow up with dating speculations between her and one of the group's member, Mikey Foster. 

To be fair, we seriously can't blame them. Just take a look at the music video, and you'll know exactly what we mean. Not only were there each other's love interests, but the chemistry they shared was super intense too.

But then again, maybe their chemistry was a product of their friendship, considering this isn't the first time the two have collaborated on a song. Foster and his bandmate Scootie Anderson also helped Ariana with the production of her hit songs, 7 rings and Thank U, Next.

Keeping all of their professional history aside, a lot of fans still think Boyfriend might actually be Grande's real-life relationship with the singer and Twitter says it all:

The sad news is, Ariana and Mikey didn't confirm the relationship yet, but The Blast and People magazine reported that they are in fact together. Ugh, so confusing!

Anyway, assuming this is true, let's read into Ariana's explanation of Boyfriend which she revealed on Twitter. 

Also, can we please not forget the time Mikey posted a heartfelt tribute on Instagram to the pop star on her birthday. 

“love u sooooooo much," Grande wrote in the comments section.

So, what do you guys think of this potential couple? We totally ship it. 

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