Microdermabrasion: It’s Not For Everyone

But it’s definitely suited to me
Microdermabrasion: It’s Not For Everyone

Hearing the name, microdermabrasion, conjured up images of needles, sand paper machines and generally all kinds of scary skin treatments that kinda make me shudder.

So when I went to Dermalogica’s branch in The Dubai Mall, known for its carefully crafted concoctions, and its cosmeceutical skin solutions, I was a little nervous.

My therapist, Judy, asked about my skin concerns – I don’t have a massive problem with spots, I’m more worried about my skin looking tired and dull from a few too many late nights/early mornings – which Judy informs me, makes my face a perfect candidate for the microdermabrasion treatment.


She says it’s not for people with uber-sensitive skin, or with a lot of exposed break-outs, it’s for most skin types but those two are exceptions.

It doesn’t mean you can’t get it, but the point of microdermabrasion is to gently remove the outer layer of tired skin to help refresh your face, so it can be a bit much if your acne is flaring up.

Otherwise, it’s HIGHLY recommended – it’s probs one of the most famous facials in the world, and for good reason.

So I kick back and relax and let Judy do her thang.

She takes off my makes with Dermalogica’s award-winning, lavender-scented “Precleanse” which is a calming, deep-cleansing oil which melts impurities and make-up from the skin, clearing the way for what’s to come.

A gentle exfoliant is applied to my skin, with a bit of a face rub, and a really light tingle starts.

Next, I hear a machine start up, and it honestly feels like she’s vacuuming my face. The little tube is dragged over my skin, sucking on it, and sucking up the product. I imagine it’s sucking up all the gunk I’ve accumulated in my pores too. It’s kind of satisfying.

Next up, she applies another cream, and says for this, I need to sit in an LED Light Therapy for about 15-20 minutes.

There are different coloured LED lights can help solve different issues – interestingly. For me, Judy recommends a blend of red and blue light, the red to help with dehydration and to stimulate collagen production, while the blue LED colour helps kill bacteria to reduce congestion and blackheads.

I’m fine with this because she’s covered my eyes and I fall asleep instantly. (Hopefully I don’t snore).

To end the treatment, Judy gives me a little massage on my shoulders, neck and jawline which ends the facial on a mega-high.

I walk out of Dermalogica light as air, but not before getting stocked with a few free samples of Dermalogica products to apply to my skin for the next few days.

My skin feels tighter and plumper, my dark circles are basically gone, and my skin just has a GLOW, which has continued throughout the last few days too.

10/10 would recommend this one to brighten up your skin tone.

If your skin tone isn’t suited to microdermabrasion, then Dermalogica can still help, there are plenty of other facials and consultations you can have to find out what will suit your skin.

Price of microdermabrasion – AED 650 (excluding VAT)

Price of LED Therapy – AED 100 (excluding VAT)

You can try it out too, book now at Dermalogica, Dubai Mall. Check dermalogicame.com for more info.