10 Neon Nail Designs That Shine Brighter Than Your Future

Consider your summer manicure sorted.
10 Neon Nail Designs That Shine Brighter Than Your Future

Neon is the colour of summer 2019, but if you're not feeling bold enough to inject some colour into your wardrobe, inject it into your nails with our edit of the most inspirational neon designs out there. From orange, pink, green and yellow, to acrylics, nail art and polish, don't do your Sunday manicure without reading this first.

1. Minimalist orange

Use a nail dotting tool to add a circle of neon to your otherwise nude manicure.

2. High vis ombre

Nothing showcases a tan more than neon yellow nails and we love the subtle ombre effect.

3. Doubly bold

If you're gonna make a statement with neon green, you may as well take the opportunity to say how you really feel.

4. Twinning

Stick with one bright neon coral, or whatever co-ordinates with your trainers best.

5. Thunderbolts and lightning

Are the opposite of frightening with this neon yellow stiletto ombre.

6. Barbie pink

Add some glitter to your neon fade and sparkle brighter than your childhood jelly shoes.

7. Indecisive

Because the right doesn't have to match the left.

8. Just the tip

Adding a hint of neon is the easiest way to update your french manicure for summer.

9. Flamin' hot

Match your nails to your favourite Doritos with this neon green and orange flame design.

10. Cubism

Not only does this neon orange and nude nail art look chic, but it's also one of the easiest to recreate at home.

H/T Cosmo UK

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