Guys, The Eid Al Adha Holidays Have Been Announced In The UAE!

Mark your calendars!
Guys, The Eid Al Adha Holidays Have Been Announced In The UAE!
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If you’re like us and have been waiting for the next holiday, you’re in luck! The dates for the Eid break have just been announced and we’re all set to enjoy our long weekend. Two leading Kuwaiti astronomers have announced that Eid Al Adha is will most likely fall on Sunday, August 11th.

Both the public and private sectors will get to enjoy a four day long holiday from Saturday, August 10th to Tuesday, August 13th so book those tickets to that staycation or weekend getaway you deserve already.

But sadly, as all good things have to come to an end, work will resume on Wednesday August 14 *Sigh*

Here’s a list of all remaining public holidays for the year so you know what to look out for:

Friday August 9  - Tuesday August 13:  Eid al-Adha
Sunday September 1: Islamic New Year
Sunday December 1: UAE Commemoration Day
Monday December 2 - Tuesday December 3: UAE National Day

Also, the stars have aligned in our favour as the Eid holidays fall right after the weekend so we have a five day uninterrupted holiday *cue happy screams*.

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