You've Gotta Hit Up These Underrated Travel Destinations This Eid!

You've Gotta Hit Up These Underrated Travel Destinations This Eid!

Hi, hello, it's holidays calling! Yup, our fave season aka holiday season is back in the shape of Eid and we're STOKED. Eid is the perf occasion to travel somewhere not too far from home for a quick slip away from the bustle of the city. So we've got for you some fab deals for five stunning destinations that are less than six hours from DXB!

1. Baku, Azerbaijan

Airlines: Air Arabia (roundtrip), Emirates-Flydubai (one-way each)

Flight Time: Approx. 3 hours

A cultural melting pot, Azerbaijan lies somewhere in between where Europe, Asia and the Middle East intersect. Some ppl even call Baku 'mini Dubai', y'all! It's got so much culture from times of the Persians to the Soviets, you'll leave feeling more historically aware than before. Some famous destinations include the Palace of the Shivranshahs and the Maiden Tower, which are listed as UNESCO Heritage sites. Amazing.

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2. Kiev, Ukraine

Airlines: Air Astana

Flight Time: Approx. 6 hours

One of the oldest European cities, the Ukrainian capital has more to offer than you'd guess. You can take tours to the infamous Chernobyl, Pryplat, or choose to do some historical exploration of Kiev while you're there. Its views give a unique POV to a new side of Europe you probs wouldn't have imagined earlier. 

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3. Belgrade, Serbia

Airlines: Emirates, Flydubai

Flight Time: Approx. 6 hours

Catch a flight to Belgrade and head over to some of the prettiest views one of closer European neighbours has to offer! From the waters of the Danube to a bustling nightlife, we promise you that Belgrade will NOT disappoint. You'll deffo want to go exploring the quaint old buildings of Old Belgrade and visit the Nikola Tesla Museum. Not only is Belgrade so closeby, but there's so much to do and so much history. 

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4. Kathmandu, Nepal

Airlines: Emirates, Flydubai

Flight Time: Approx. 3 hours and 45 mins

Hey if you're looking to lose some of that holiday weight, maybe taking another holiday doesn't sound too bad :) There's plenty for any adrenaline junkie to do in Nepal. You can go rafting, paragliding, kayaking in freshwater coming straight from the Himalayas, or even actual trekking up the mountains! And don't miss out on Kathmandu's cultural side - there's some beautiful monasteries and temples to rly help you embrace the spiritual side this summer.

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5. Bentota, Sri Lanka

Airlines: Emirates, Flydubai

Flight Time: Approx. 4 hours

We know Sri Lanka's one of the most popular destinations to hit up if you wanna hit those beaches, but here's a place that's little lesser known. Land in Colombo and hit up Bentota, a small coastal town at the south of the island. Home to some super watersports, Bentota will have you feeling like a water baby in no time! It's also super famous for Ayurveda, if you're looking for some TLC while you're away.

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