Kick It For Less With These Under Dhs100 Indoor Activities

Have fun without going broke
Kick It For Less With These Under Dhs100 Indoor Activities

Are you always down to clown but have literally negative change in your pocket? Well we've got you covered over here at Cosmo because here are the best indoor activities in DXB and Abu Dhabi to number one, beat the scorching heat (yes, pls) and two, save those $$$. Fun was never so easy.. and even easier on your bank account (ALWAYS a plus). 

1. Ice Skating at Dubai Mall 

One of the best ways to get those endorphins pumping and that adrenaline flowing, you can have some well-deserved indoor fun for only.. Dhs75! Seriously! With public sessions of 1 hour 45 minutes costing only Dhs75 for an adult ticket, ice skating in Dubai Mall simply couldn't be less of a burden on the bank while also being tons of fun (provided you don't skate over any toes lol). So gather the fam and hit up the ice y'all!  

Cost: Dhs75


2. Manarat Al Saadiyat in Abu Dhabi

The art gallery you never knew you needed, Manarat is here and easy on the wallet. Located in Abu Dhabi on the Saadiyat Island, Manarat Al Saadiyat is a great night-out with bae, the fam (literally or figuratively) and guess, what, it's free! With community and cultural activities, exhibitions, and more promoting Abu Dhabi for all that it has to offer, Manarat is totes the place to be on a Friday night (when you're not hitting the clerb with your gals ofc). 

Cost: Free


Bonus: Plus, the Abu Dhabi Louvre is also part of Manarat, and it will literally blow your socks off! For a standard admission price of Dhs60, it's an experience like no other. Plan your visit to The Louvre Abu Dhabi now! 

3. Pursuit Games Paintballing 

Basically a free form of anger management (which we ALL need sometimes, c'mon), paintballing in DXB is a great way to let loose. For only Dhs90 (Dhs55 for a limited time!), Pursuit Games in Jebel Ali is offering a great steal with their summer deal (see what I did there!). So get to pelting for a plenty fun yet super cheap way to spend the weekend. Yes please. 

Cost: Dhs90


4. The Green Planet

Can it be true? Has the rainforest finally come to Dubai? Yes, yes it has. Dubai's hottest new indoor attraction, The Green Planet is a must-see. With all types of rainforest animals like the burmese python and piranhas (dw, they can't bite you!), you could simply get lost in the makeshift rainforest because there's plenty to see. Take a friend, take your mum, your squad, whoever you kick it with and get ready to aah and ooh for only Dhs99 per person! 

Cost: Dhs99


5. Dubai Frame 

Always imagined what it's like to be inside a photo frame? Well now you don't have to guess! Because for only Dhs50 aka a steal, you can be a mouse in a trap (but in a good way). Not only do you get the absolutely gorge view of all of Dubs from up there, but you're also in an architectural wonder (how many people can say they'll been INSIDE a frame- photo or otherwise?!). So so worth it! 

Cost: Dhs50


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