Gals, Here's How To Travel On A Budget

No tents, I promise
Gals, Here's How To Travel On A Budget

As a student, tbh 'travel' is always at the top of my list. But unfortunately, if you're a student you know the struggle of a #budget and your parents mildly alarmed face at your initial itinerary. Bc 'mum I wanna go to Thailand with my friends' isn't gonna be met with 'we have a million bucks and a private jet ready!'

So here's some REALISTIC hacks to help you travel on a budget:

1. Swap the hotel for an AirBnb

This one's super obvs, but still not as many people use this option as you'd think. AirBnbs are v popular globally and you can find ones for 1 person up to like 10-15. They're an awesome way to understand the locals too, because your host could be someone who's lived there for ages. Safe, clean, and if you do your research and book ahead of time, SUPER cheap.

2. Opt for a hostel

If it's you and your squad maybe for 2-3 on a party tour all over Ultra Europe or smth, there's nothing better than a hostel. You're probs gonna be staying with people who are attending the same event with you which is a lit way to network. Also, you rly get a feel of the city if your hostel's located somewhere in the central.

3. Ditch the taxi for public transit

Again, ppl know this, but v few people actually use it. Public transit is an amazing way to really get a feel of the city. You're going to be on the same bus as the old lady who probs grew up here, and can help you out. It's also v liberating and makes you feel super independent when you gotta look up bus schedules, subway lines and tram stations with just yourself and a map. Asking people for help is always good to get to know them, too! Don't be shy of talking to the locals and always approach w a million buck smile :)

4. Flee the mall to go street shopping

Lez be real ladies, DXB has all the malls you'll need. Hitting up some of the local malls is obvs on your checklist, but if you're on a budget you might wanna steer clear of that a 'lil. Street shopping is SUCH a killer way to explore the local art and culture. You can come home with some stunning work bought for a good bargain and even get some super cute postcards and stuff. And your bargaining skills will get a polish too!

5. Book your trip in advance

Legit, if you're on a budget, this is my best advice to you. Use websites like Skyscanner, Expedia and others to help you set up an itinerary, and you'll get rly nice deal with hopefully layovers that aren't entirely terrible. And if they are, deal with it - a true traveler won't let some extra travel time put them off a location. 

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