Global Pro Make-Up Artist Freddy Lopez Gave Cosmo The Low-Down On Tarte's New Eco-Chic Cosmetics

Your skin will thank you
Global Pro Make-Up Artist Freddy Lopez Gave Cosmo The Low-Down On Tarte's New Eco-Chic Cosmetics

Freddy Lopez is the global pro make-up artist for Tarte Cosmetics, travelling the world helping make sure everyone gets the most out of their products, and he was recently in Dubai to celebrate the launch of Tarte's new lines that are in stores now. 

Cosmo got the low-down on what's hitting the shelves, and which pieces you should deffo be picking up. 

Firstly, where did the name Tarte originate from?

Well, you know how eating a tart - the little pastry with fruit on top – is a treat, Tarte Cosmetics products are a treat for your skin. Maureen Kelly, who is the founder and CEO of the brand, wanted every single product to treat and benefit the skin – and so the name was born! I quote her when I say: "We wear our make-up longer than we sleep at night." And so, it's incredibly important what we put on our skin.

Tell us everything about the new products launching this month

The line-up looks like this: Our best-selling Chrome Paint Shadow Pots, which are highly pigmented, loose eyeshadows, are coming out in three new shades – Wild At Heart, Paradise Found and Unleashed. There’s also a super shimmery Tarte-LIT Chrome Paint Highlighter and an Unleashed eyeshadow palette. All 15 shades are vegan and inspired by animals of the jungle. Plus, the Big Ego mascara nourishes and hydrates your lashes, and lengthens and provides 16-hour flake-free wear. It’s amazing.

Anything in terms of skincare?

Yes, the Baba Bomb moisturiser, which is derived from vegan collagen, is lightweight, intensely hydrating and pumps out the exact amount you need. We also have the Shape Tape Stay Spray – a vegan setting spray powered by cucumber and vitamin E that locks in your make-up for 16-hour wear.

An impressive list! Tell us one piece of beauty advice you’ve learned in your 13-year career…

Take care of your skin and your make-up will look better. Moisturise morning and night and use Tarte’s best-selling and anti-ageing maracuja oil as part of your routine too. Honestly, anything you add to that is just going to look that much better.

What skin change have you personally noticed since using Tarte products?

My pores got smaller and my skin got firmer – I truly believe it’s because of Tarte’s natural ingredients. 

Finally, is there a pro make-up or beauty trick you can share with us?

Let your moisturiser sit on your skin for 30 seconds, and then blot away any excess moisture that's sitting on top before applying foundation. That'll keep your skin from getting too shiny throughout the day.

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