In Honour Of World Emoji Day, Here's What These 5 Emojis Really Mean

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In Honour Of World Emoji Day, Here's What These 5 Emojis Really Mean

Okay, sometimes we're in a hurry or tbh just couldn't care enough to give an actual response to a text. And that's when we thank our stars that the emoji keyboard exists to REALLY show our energy in a cool, fun way. But y'all aren't always gonna know what some emojis mean, so here's some deocding of 5 super commonly used emojis.

1. This party emoji

'Official' meaning: Dancer

REAL meaning: Shoes on ladies, it's gonna be a loooooong night! You know you've got no option but to party when you see this 'subtle' emoji.

2. This sneaky emoji

'Official' meaning: Speak-no-evil monkey

REAL meaning: K, so I'm gonna say I'm not telling anyone, but I've told at least two of my besties on the DL

3. This despo emoji

'Official' meaning: High-five

REAL meaning: I totally messed up and now I'm begging to all forces of nature to help me out

4. This lowkey rude emoji

'Official' meaning: Smiley face

REAL meaning: Ha ha, you're funny.....leave me alone now.

5. This  'I told you so' kinda emoji

'Official' meaning: Shocked ghost face

REAL meaning: Lowkey totally saw that coming.

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