PSA: Instagram's New Feature Is Aiming To Stop Cyber-Bullying

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PSA: Instagram's New Feature Is Aiming To Stop Cyber-Bullying

We've all heard about 'trolling' and cyber-bullying, and tbh if you've ever been a victim of it, two words. Not. Fun.

Social media bullying is something we're all familiar with atm but Insta is determined to take down the prob with some swift steps.

Recently, Instagram announced that they've added a new feature that notifies the user if their comment is negative in anyway. You'll be asked if you're sure you wanna post this, and allows you to undo it too. In doing so, Insta is giving us a chance to rly reflect on how we treat each other on the internet.

Ever wanted to report or straight-up BLOCK someone but too scared you'll cause some insane beef for apparently 'no reason'?

Ya dw, Insta's got you covered.

With the new 'restrict' feature, you can restrict a person's comment so only you and the other person can see it. This way you can choose what's visible to other ppl on their feed too. The restricted person also won't be able to see when you're online or if you've read their you can finally say thank u, next to those unwanted creeps sliding in *phew*.

So good to see Insta taking some steps to make the platform a safer space for us :)

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