OMG There's A GIANT Make-Up Sale On For The Next Two Days That Is Absolute HEAVEN

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OMG There's A GIANT Make-Up Sale On For The Next Two Days That Is Absolute HEAVEN

If you thought Christmas was five months away, y'all are wrong! I mean, basically. Because Amazon's having its Prime Day epic sale TOMORROW and the deals are totally killer. Like, seriously, you'll be missing out if you don't make the best of this chance to get some of our top beauty must-haves.

1. Morphe 350M Eyeshadow Palette

Umm, did someone say 'all natural'? Because Morphe def delivers that! This 35-shade palette offers a wide range of neutrals, from darks, to lights, to some bold reds to spice your look up. If you're into a minimalist look but are looking to experiment, this palette will not disappoint.

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2. St. Ives Blackhead Clearing Cleanser 

In the summer heat, it's easy to wake up with complains of a breakout due to super clogged up pores. Any skin expert will tell you that apricot is one of the best natural exfoliants ever. This face wash is a total skincare essential if you're looking for some beauty on the budget, and is definitely going to combat that acne hard.

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3. Benefit Hoola Bronzer

This cult fave bronzer is every makeup addict's MUST HAVE. As loyal as we are to our tans, we solemnly swear by this bronzer to give you the bronziest contour you'll have. And with pigmentation like this, you'll be rocking that bronzy look all day!

It's on sale NOW. 

4. Sun Labs Self Tanner

Wanna look like you've been lounging in Ibiza without actually sweating it out? Enter: self-tanner. Sun Labs Self Tanner's formula is made from natural ingredients that promise to give you a naturalesque tan this summer. Plus, it has a revitalizing and smoothening component in its formula that'll make your skin look glossier and fresher once you've used it.

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5. 'Ever Glow' Highlight by Ofra

Anyone who's watched NikkieTutorials knows how good the Ofra glow really is. Offering three shades of #glow, this highlighter palette is gonna give you the dewy summer look you wanna go for. The golden, bronze and silver highlighter powders in this lil' pack are perfect for every level of your tan.

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6. The Prism Palette by Anastasia Beverly Hills

This eyeshadow palette by ABH has some dark shades to die for aka those midnight blues and black shades. The pigmentation of this palette as with any other ABH is INSANE. Want diversity in your colors? Hello, Prism. 

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7. NYX Vinyl Liquid Liner

The precision of this eyeliner cannot be questioned. Its super skinny fibre end will give you the classiest wings ever. Oh and did we mention? It's water-resistant. Ugh, amazing. 

Get it now. 

8. Lancome Grandiose Xtrm Noir Mascara

Lancome's mascara will give you lashes for days. This mascara promises to give you the length and volume to totally obsess over. Yup, we're in love.

Get it on sale now. 

9. 'Read My Lips' The Balm's Lipstick Pop!

This pumpy lip gloss will give you the sultriest pout ever. We're in love with this summer-appropriate shade that'll dress you everywhere, from that white new swimsuit to a black jumpsuit for dinner. A total must-have. 

Get it now, online. 

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