PSA: This Is The Ultimate Playlist For Any Alternative Lover

Almost too under-rated, tbh.
PSA: This Is The Ultimate Playlist For Any Alternative Lover

Alternative music has always been, well, alternative - but there's a growing interest in the genre. 

It's a lil' lesser known genre of music including indie-pop and psychedelic rock that's inspired by the sounds of nature. Well, not always, because there's also certain bands that play with the heart of rock to more emotional beats. Alternative bands are extremely experimentative in what they produce, and honestly, that's the best part about them.

Here are some cracking songs to get you in an alternative mood this weekend. 

1. Arctic Monkeys

Genre: Indie rock

Favourite Album: AM

Best Singles: Do I Wanna Know, Arabella, 505, Fluorescent Adolescent, R U Mine?

Gosh, sit back, plug your earphones in, and let that bass guitar of 'Do I Wanna Know' blow you to pieces while Alex Turner's voice melts your heart. This will hum in your head for DAYS.

2. Glass Animals

Genre: Indie electronic, psychedelic pop

Favourite Album: ZABA

Best Singles: Gooey, Youth, Toes, Black Mambo

What draws ANYONE to Glass Animals is the rawness of their music. You'll feel like you're one with nature with their tunes that rely heavily on percussion and natural sounds. 'Gooey',with its instant feel-good beat, gives you the warmest feeling of love in your heart,

3. The Neighbourhood

Genre: Indie, rock

Favourite Album: I Love You

Best Singles: Sweater Weather, Flawless, Afraid

Excuse me, if you haven't heard Sweater Weather before, who even are you?! Anyone who knows The NBHD knows that Jesse Rutherford's voice is the DEFINITION of love at first sight. Their music promises to give and bring back memories whilst you cruise on a long drive down the sunset.

4. Tame Impala

Genre: Psychedelic pop, art pop

Favourite Album: Currents

Best Singles: The Less I Know The Better, Mind Mischief

Okay so,  here's the lowdown - hear Tame Impala, and you'll feel out of this world. The way they experiment with overlapping layers of music makes it seems almost interdimensional. And their videos are liquid creativity. I cannot get enough, and neither will you.

5. Polo and Pan 

Genre: Indie pop

Best Singles: Nana, Canopee

Think the mellowest voice possible + the quickest transition to hip beats that'll have your head nodding along in no time. I stumbled upon P&P when my cousin played Nana on a long drive, and I haven't looked back since.

6. Chet Faker

Genre: Electronica, Downtempo

Best Singles: Drop the Game, Terms and Conditions, No Diggity

The Australian singer's voice is so full of emotion, he's gonna make you feel it in your soul. His collabs with other alternative artists make for even better music, such as with Flume, Kai... the list goes on. No words for this beauty.

7. Flume

Genre: Electropop

Best Singles: Never Be Like You, Say It

Lastly, my gosh, what can I say for Flume? Except for that his beats make me wanna get on a plane and fly to any concert he's hosting ASAP. 

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