Press Replay On These Totally Entertaining Shows This Summer

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Press Replay On These Totally Entertaining Shows This Summer

Let's be honest, after about two minutes of lounging and lazing around, summer gets to be a bit... of a drag. Yeah there's a definite plus in kicking it with the OG fam, trying out the very best clubs (and restaraunts ofc) and overall being a literal beach bum. But, if the heat is getting to you (there is only so much 90% humidity a girl can take), I have just the solution for you. Thrown over the covers, snuggle in, and switch on the TV, because it's binge-fest time. If you're like me and you love nothing more than re-watching your fave old classics over and over until your eyeballs literally fall out of your head, I have just the list for you. Here are the most re-watchable shows of all time, so you better get to streaming like... TODAY.  

1. The Office US (2005-2013)

Fine, I know I'm basic. But there's a reason The Office is a classic and people legit never get bored of watching Kevin drop chilli on a carpet floor or fangirling over #JimandPam. Because it's literally the greatest show ever invented (umm, maybe not invented re The Office UK) and umm.. Dwight Schrute is in it. Need I say more? But seriously, if you're looking for a re-watchable show this summer, this one is def a go-to because it's laugh-out-loud hilarious and the characters are simply the best (see Michael Scott). 

You can watch The Office on SideReel today!

2. One Tree Hill (2003-2012)

Drama, intrigue, high school... yes, there's something for everyone in One Tree Hill and whether you're 13 or 30, there's something fundamentally addictive about this show (and it's not just the gorge Chad Michael Murray, tho that's def a plus!). With over nine (yes, NINE) seasons, this show just always seems to have conflict, plenty of juicy juicy drama, the best ships (peep #NathanandHaley) and much, much more. It's the show that keeps on giving, it's the show that you never get sick of watching. It's One Tree Hill. 

You can watch One Tree Hill on Hulu today!

3. Veronica Mars (2003-2007)

With season 4 finally dropping after a whole decade of radio silence (s/o Logan Echolls in the VMars 2014 movie), what better way to ring in the summer than to binge-re-watch all 3 AH-mazing seasons in a sitting. Grab some popcorn, your sleuthing goggles (or whatever equipment you use to sleuth), and get ready to adventure it up with private investigator Veronica Mars. With lots of mystery, crime-solving, and love (Logan and Veronica simply CANNOT break up in season 4), Veronica Mars is the perfect re-watching extravanganza this summer. 

You can watch Veronica Mars on Amazon Prime today!

4. 90210 (2008-2013)

The show that will make your Dhs50 highlights look cheap, 90210 is all about the glamour, fun-in-the-sun, and poppin' nightlife of the teenage population of Beverly Hills. With cabanas, beach clubs, and a whole lotta drama mixed in, 90210 will def not disappoint. As a spin-off of the hugely popular original show Beverly Hills, 90210, the high school show is a hit with all generations. Whether you re-watch for the bad-girl-turned-good Naomi or resident girl-next-door Annie, 90210 is beyond amazing, with a twist at every turn! 

You can watch 90210 on SideReel today!

5. Modern Family (2009-)

This laugh-out-loud comedy is the best thing to grace television since... Friends. With a hilarious ensemble including the one-and-only Phil Dunphy (preorder a copy of Phils-osophy today), Modern Family is clearly the show of the literal century. Not only that, but it's super easy and best-served re-watched. Why? Because you can watch from just about any episode (even season 6) with no problemo at all. As a mockumentary, the comedy about one big (and tbh, sometimes dsyfunctional) family is bingewatching GOLD. Gold, I'm telling you! 

You can watch Modern Family on Hulu today!

6. Brooklyn-Nine-Nine (2013-)

If you're seeing a pattern here, then yes you're correct. But, to be fair, comedies are some of the most re-watchable tv shows out there! And what better than a cop-comedy with Jake-the-great Peralta aka the amazing, wonderfully talented Andy Samberg? Honestly though, Brooklyn-Nine-Nine is by far one of the most re-watchable and hilarious shows out there. With Jake getting into antics on a literal daily basis, the intervention of somes-uptight (but kinda awesome) Captain Holt, this show simply never gets old.  

... and there you have it. In no time, you'll be cozied up with the fam or bae soaking up these insanely addictive shows. And trust me, they're about as addictive as a coffee rush (maybe more even!). 

You can watch Brooklyn Nine-Nine on Netflix today!


As Miranda Sings so wisely put it... you're welcome. 

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