Streaming Your Fave Tunes Just Got Easier...And Means You'll Use Less Data

Big sigh of relief for those who have to constantly clear their phone storage
Streaming Your Fave Tunes Just Got Easier...And Means You'll Use Less Data

It can be such a pain to keep deleting apps just to make space for your daily jams, we know! Music takes up a lot of space on your phone after all.

It's a constant struggle #FirstWorldProblems, and deleting your precious picture memories isn't an option either.

Just like a vast majority of us, Spotify is a must when travelling to and from from work or uni, but along with the huge storage space it requires comes the issue of not having enough data. Ugh.

But lo and behold! Spotify heard our problems and finally decided to launch Spotify Lite in the UAE, a spin-off to their original app; kind of like a smaller, simplified version of the music streaming platform.

The new app was based on user feedback from around the world and will allow more people to stream music as it will be able to run on older Android phones.

Plus, Spotify Lite only uses up 10MB of storage as opposed to the 100MB of memory the original app takes up.

Always running out of data? Spotify Lite fixed the problem for you as it allows users to set a monthly data use cap that will send you a notification if you're about to reach your streaming limit.

For those who have never heard of Spotify or are just planning to immerse themselves into the app, it is a music streaming platform that allows you to curate playlists, favourite you daily jams and share music with your friends.

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