The 11 Back-to-School Movies That Will Actually Make You Want To Go Back To School

Get ready for lots of ’80s vibes.
The 11 Back-to-School Movies That Will Actually Make You Want To Go Back To School
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Whether you’re returning to high school or college or you’re simply nostalgic for that back-to-school feeling and all those Lisa Frank folders, it’s about that time of year again. We’ve rounded up the best BTS films to last you until winter break.

‘Mean Girls’

Nothing gets you in that back-to-school mood like a little girl-on-girl drama, amirite? Old School Lindsay Lohan taking on Rachel McAdams in this absolute classic of a high school film. When it’s written by Tina Fey, you know it’s gonna be good.

‘Easy A’

Emma Stone plays Olive, a girl who lies about a secret but can’t reveal the truth before the whole school finds out. And the film tries to help us answer that question we’ve been pondering for years: Why is “Pocketful of Sunshine” so damn catchy?

‘Friday Night Lights’

Obviously we needed a good football film on this list. 

‘Ferris Bueller’s Day Off’

Arguably the best back-to-school movie that’s about *not* going to school. A young and charming Matthew Broderick is that goofy bad boy who skips class and makes you want to join him, regardless of your perfect attendance record.

‘She’s All That’

Everybody loves a good prom-focused film, especially when it features Freddie Prinze Jr. in all his rom-com glory. Popular guy Zach accepts a bet to make outcast Laney Boggs prom queen. Throw in some underage partying and a classic makeover scene and you’ve got yourself a Kids Choice Award winner.

‘To All the Boys I Loved Before’

Can we put this on every must-watch list? Ok, great. Rewatch this Netflix film every day until the first day of school or until the second one is released sometime in 2019.

‘Bring It On’

Be honest: You have the entire first cheer sequence memorized. We’ve never wanted to be anyone more than we wanted to be Kirsten Dunst as head of the Toro squad (before she dropped the Spirit Stick).


A back-to-school film list without the legendary Cher Horowitz, her drool-worthy closet, and a young Paul Rudd? As if.

‘21 Jump Street’

Absolute Unit Channing Tatum somehow posing as a high school student is a comedy in itself. Throw some Jonah Hill in there and you’ve got yourself a dynamic duo if I’ve ever seen one.

‘The Breakfast Club’

A classic Molly Ringwald + gang dealing with a very high school problem: Saturday detention. And Don’t You Forget About that final scene.


If I can’t be Kirsten Dunst leading a cheer at the high school basketball game, I’d like to be a post-makeover, leather-clad Sandy crushing a cigarette beneath my red strappy pumps.

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