Real Talk: What Is Face Art And Should I Have It?

This is what happened when Cosmo curiously signed up to the injectable beauty trend promising to restore youth in the region…
Real Talk: What Is Face Art And Should I Have It?


Google ‘face art,’ and comfortingly, children painted as brightly coloured tigers and butterflies appear at the top of the search - but in clinical terms, face art also means a cosmetic procedure, using Botox and filler to restore volume in the cheeks, areas around the eyes, lips and chin.

I’m 27, and for years I’ve been content with my appearance. I eat healthily, exercise and never skip a morning and evening face cleansing ritual. But while my skin has stayed spot-free over the years, I recently began noticing that when I smiled, lines were making a permanent home under my eyes. I’m mildly ashamed to admit this reduced my confidence and made me want to smile less, and so, I decided to action the situation.

As I was researching cosmetic clinics in the region (spoiler, there are loads), I stumbled across an unfamiliar concept called face art, from Plastic Surgery Boutique & Medical Spa Nova, which is located in the heart of Jumeirah. It read: ‘Subtle enhancements are made using anti-aging injections and fillers so no one will even know that you’ve had anything done.’

So far, so interesting. Face art, I learn after reading further, is a cosmetic procedure used to restore youthful features that have dwindled thanks to that unavoidable life process called ageing. But that’s not all, the concept of face art at Nova takes into account your entire face – Dr. Khan (founder of the clinic and one of the region’s most highly sought-after surgeons) considers balancing your facial features, be it with Botox, lip filler or both. By just booking, for example, Botox, it alters your face and therefore can uneven other features. This procedure, on the other hand, is custom designed for each patient.


I gave myself the green light to book an appointment (the earliest I could get was in six weeks’ time as the clinic is so popular), and this is what I learned:
The Face Art treatment takes 1 hour and 30 minutes with Dr. Khan and includes the following:

• Consultation + Assessment
• Application of Anesthesia
• Treatment: Unlimited anti-aging injections + fillers depending on assessment and patients requirements, 1 Session only
• Post treatment CryoFacial

Fast forward six weeks and I’m sat in Dr. Khan’s chair covered in white numbing cream on my lips, forehead and around the corner of my eyes (see attractive photo below). During the ten minutes it took for the cream to take effect, Dr. Khan began my consultation (unphased by my looks), prompting me to open up about my likes and dislikes of my face.

Before the needles came out to play, I can honestly say I felt every confidence that the procedure about to take place would be professional and genuinely enhance my looks. While Dr. Khan thoughtfully considered my concerns, it was clear he knew what would be best in terms of where to apply Botox and how much lip filler to inject (we decided on 0.5ml of Juvederm on the lower lip and 0.4ml on the upper).

The Botox came first – it didn’t hurt (thanks, numbing cream). Instead I felt a slight pricking sensation, but I was more worried about the lips to follow. Surprisingly, they hurt even less, and before I could overthink about how my new reflection was going to be unrecognisable, the session was over (and I didn’t look unrecogniable).


I left the clinic without feeling in my face and was advised not to consume hot or cold drinks for the remainder of the evening. Also, when I slept, I was directed to lie on my back so the Botox wouldn’t move around my face.

The next morning my face felt stiff and slightly sore and I was self-conscious about my obviously swollen lips. Botox took effect just over a week later – for days I didn’t notice any change, and then one morning when I smiled I realised I really did look different – but good different, if you know what I mean? Also, my lips became super dry (because they’d been stretched), and I needed to keep a tube of Elizabeth Arden 8-Hour Cream handy.

Two weeks later I returned for the final post treatment CryoFacial - a treatment that subjects your skin to extreme deep-freeze temps – to reduce inflammation and speed up recovery.

With any cosmetic procedure, face art is something you should definitely put a lot of thought into. It should also be 100 per cent your decision. That said, truly, I am beyond pleased with the results. My wrinkles are reduced, frown lines between the brows improved, I look fresh, rejuvenated – and, best of all, not one person has asked me who my surgeon is. Sorry, Nova – that’s what happens when you produce a natural work of (face) art.

Here are the before/after pictures: 

Face art starts from Dhs8,000. To make an appointment at Nova clinic, call (+971) 4 384 5666 or visit

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