Turns Out Simba's Mom Leads The Lion Pride After All

The Lion King got it all wrong
Turns Out Simba's Mom Leads The Lion Pride After All

If we ask you to mention the name of Simba's mom in The Lion King, will you instantly know the answer?

We're guessing no, considering how insignificant her role was in the film. You may be more familiar with the central male roles like Simba's father, Mufasa and villain Scar who plots to take over the throne.

But hold up, did you know that the female lion is the heart and soul of a lion pride? Meaning they're in charge of catching the most prey and guarding their territory against other predators.

So in real life, Sarabi (Yes! That's Simba's mom) would be taking on the main role rather than being long forgotten.

Erin Biba, a science Journalist at National Geographic, mentioned in her tweet that well, "If Lion King were real, Nala would be the star."

Nala, who was introduced in the film as our main character's childhood best friend, is definitely more integral to the plot than Sarabi, but remember that famous cliff scene where Simba is held up to face the whole kingdom? Yeah, that should have been Nala.

On the other hand, male lions don't stick to their pride and will eventually have to find a new one. So when Simba left, he wouldn't have come back.

Oh and the most shocking fact of them all, male lions never ever travel alone. They always move with partners because the competition to get into other pride is extremely hard.

So, yup, that sibling rivalry between Mufasa and Scar wouldn't make sense because they only have each to rely on.

Will you ever look at The Lion King the same again?

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