Guys, Lady Gaga's Makeup Campaign Is Changing The Game

We stan change!
Guys, Lady Gaga's Makeup Campaign Is Changing The Game
Instagram / Lady Gaga Spain

Lady Gaga just released the first photos from her Haus Laboratories collab and they're not edited! Like, they actually look like human faces.

And of course, fans are loving it!

Some comments included: 

"I love how her promo photos aren’t over edited! You can totally see her natural facial features and her skin’s real texture!"

"I’m actually surprised at how non-photoshopped these photos look. It’s amazing. You’ve got every instagrammer and beauty brand making plastic dolls and then Gaga comes along with great makeup looks and appearing pretty realistic."

"Love that her skin looks like actual skin!! Not super smoothed out in photoshop :)"

I mean it's no surprise!

The collection includes eyeliners, foundations,  highlighters and bronzers. So we're basically ready to change (or add) our makeup collection!

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