Everything You Need To Know About ‘American Horror Story’ Season 9

Wait, will Sarah Paulson even be in it???
Everything You Need To Know About ‘American Horror Story’ Season 9

Still reeling from American Horror Story: Apocalypse? Well, it’s officially time for you to pull it together. The newest season of AHS is on its way, and it’s shaping up to be as creepy as the eight seasons we’ve already cringed through. Here’s everything you need to know about American Horror Story: 1984.

Based on the title and the teaser (we’ll get to that in just a second), it looks like season 9 will be inspired by ’80s slasher films. Hence the title, 1984. If your horror lingo is a little rusty, you should probs know that most slashers involve a serial killer running around with a v sharp object and lots and lots of blood. Think about these classics: Friday the 13th, A Nightmare on Elm Street, and Halloween. Already scared!

Here’s the good news and the bad news:

Evan Peters is sitting this one out.

Bad news first. Everyone’s favorite scary bae Evan Peters has been in all eight seasons of AHS, but apparently, he’s going to skip 1984. He recently told Extra he won’t be involved this season.

Sarah Paulson won't be starring in it.

EVEN MORE BAD NEWS. According to Variety, fellow AHS veteran Sarah Paulson won't have a starring role in 1984 — but might still appear in a cameo.

Sooo...who else is in it?

So far, details about 1984 have been kept pretty hush-hush. Ryan Murphy shared an Instagram in February to let us know that Olympic medalist Gus Kenworthy will play the role of Emma Roberts’ boyfriend this season. But that was about it for a while....

Side note: This isn’t technically cast news that pertains to the new season, but you might care to know that Emma and Evan allegedly called off their engagement in March. They started dating in 2012.

The teaser looks freaky.

Murphy finally hooked us up with a quick little preview of the season back in April, and it delivers—but be careful, you can miss half of it by blinking. There’s suspense! There’s a creepy forest! There’s screaming! There’s a knife that conveniently looks exactly like the knife emoji, which will be nice for all your live-tweeting needs!

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There’s also a Billie Eilish song. This probably tells us absolutely nothing—I just wanted to give the girl a shout-out for being up on her spooky game these days. However, I would die if the blue-haired teen made an appearance on AHS. It COULD happen!

It will premiere in September.

On June 24, FX announced that season 9 will premiere at 10 p.m. Wednesday, September 18.

This is great news, considering the first five seasons all debuted in October. I, for one, cannot wait that long.

We’re getting at least 10 seasons of AHS.

FX has renewed the show through season 10, so we have at least two full seasons of Murphy scaring the pants off of us to look forward to on STARZ PLAY!

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