All The Juicy Job-Hunt Confessions!

Maybe don’t schedule an interview for the morning after your 21st birthday?
All The Juicy Job-Hunt Confessions!
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1. Hannah, 25

“My old boss called me about an opening on her new team. It was an early-morning interview, so I packed a bag and stayed at a friend’s place for an easier commute. As I was getting dressed, I realized: OMFG, I’d forgotten to pack any pants. I had zero time so ended up in the $4 see-through leggings that I wore to bed the night before. When I got there, my old boss was like, ‘Are those...leggings?’ I did not get the job.

2. Lara, 26

“I was on a phone ­interview for a gig with a major client and everything was going super well. We started ­wrapping up the call at the same time my boyfriend was heading to work. He asked me a question and, thinking I’d muted the call, I responded with “Of course, love you!” The client was like, “Um, love you too” before ­immediately hanging up.”

3. Ianela, 23

“After one interview, I went in for a handshake—right as my interviewer was going for a hug. Or so I thought. I changed my strategy, opened my arms, and went for it. Buuut it turns out he was actually extending his arm to point to the door! This is how not to adult.”

4. Shannon, 25

“At this one interview, I was greeted by a man who had *just* finished picking his nose. He stuck out his hand and, since I was trying to make a good impression, I shook it. I was totally thrown off and disgusted. It didn’t help that he was also incredibly condescending…and continued to stick his fingers up his nose for the duration of our 45-minute meeting. Heinous.”

5. Elizabeth, 23

“While ­studying abroad in ­college, I ­scheduled a Skype interview for my dream job the day after my 21st birthday. Not ideal, but okay. At my b-day party, I got really drunk and started ­dancing on a small, wobbly table. I ended up face-planting on the floor and fully knocking out a front tooth. I had to cancel the interview. I said it was a ‘medical emergency,’ and I guess it kind of was?”

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