Hold Up, You Can Become A Sushi Master Chef This Summer!!

Finally gonna be a master chef... ish
Hold Up, You Can Become A Sushi Master Chef This Summer!!
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By now, you probably know that I'm a huge foodie. So when I heard that we could learn to make OUR OWN sushi, I was pretty excited!

Motomachi UAE is a restaurant in La Mer and DFC and they're offering kids and adults ~masterclasses~. Basically your go-to guide to becoming the Middle East's best chef... ish.

There are multiple masterclasses and dates are being released as they go. The masterclass for adults costs Dhs180 for a meal and the class ( utensils included)! The class runs for 2 hours and you get to learn 2 different roles.

Basically, see you there.

And in case you wanted other options, here's another sushi class around the city!

 For The Ladies

A females only class for Dhs545 from Kuraisha Cuisine. The chef is an award-winning chef and the sessions happen 5 times a week! Click here for this class!

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You can also check out the International Center for Culinary Arts in Dubai! You're bound to find something you like!

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