7 Awesome Chocolate Desserts To Indulge In On July 7 AKA International Chocolate Day

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7 Awesome Chocolate Desserts To Indulge In On July 7 AKA International Chocolate Day
Ines LadhaBy Ines Ladha -

Alert!! As you must know, Sunday is international chocolate day. So we figured what better way to spend it then eating all the best looking desserts in town! Ladies (and gents) I present to you *drum roll* what will make me lose my already non-existent abs!

1. "Soil" @Farzi Cafe

This dessert is decomposed chocolate cake but with a twist! The cake over there is "soil" and it includes a mixture of berries and nuts. Some chocolate syrup is added and "mud" is created.

2. Plant Pot @Spoon & Glaze

This little plant pot is actually a dessert. It's served in a legit plant pot but really it's a yummy mud cake!

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When the world is so complicated, the simple gift of friendship is within all of our hands . . Thanks @shesaidshesaid_dxb for sharing ・・・ Special flower pots delivery over the weekend but would you believe this is actually DESSERT? @spoonandglaze in Dubai Mall does these earth and sand cakes in several flavours (nutella, coffee, strawberry, blueberry, caramel, pistachio, mango, dates, etc.) And when you’re done eating, it also comes with soil and seeds so you can plant your own little flower garden. In fact their motto is: Let’s root for each other and watch each other grow Isn’t that the sweetest? . . . . . . . #spoonandglaze #letlovegrow #dessert #mudcake #earthcake #ediblesoil #infatuation #bonappetit #feedyoursoull #instamood #appetitejournal #thatsdarling #foodbeast #buzzfeast #scrumptiouskitchen #getinmybelly #buzzfeedfood #foodshare #dailyfoodfeed #nomnom #forkyeah

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3.  Rocky Road Gelato Sandwich @Walnut Grove

This gelato sandwich which also looks like a tower to me, includes multiple delicious layers! It has brownies, chocolate bars, ice cream, choco sauce and more.

4. Cloud 9 @Sugarholic

It's probably called cloud 9 cause you will legitimately go to cloud 9! This shake/ dessert is full of chocolate aka full of heaver. On top of that, it has lots of yummy choco candies.

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GIVEAWAY/GIFT TIME !!! WIN THIS JAR WORTH AED100!!!! ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS; Tag a friend(s) or write whatever you want to in the comment section below, just so you pop up/are visible in the comments! TWO winners will be chosen on 3JAN2016 at 12PM!!! The "CLOUD 9" will be launched/available by @sugaholicbakeshop in 2016 Details; The top globe is only smeared in M&M's, beneath it is rich Sugaholic #Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Icing. As you reach INSIDE the Jar you can start tasting the #Nutella with #Cake. Cost: AED100 (this is a 750g Nutella Jar stuffed with a LOT of cake) thus enough for atleast 3-5 people depending on your appetite. Advice: Best for #Gifts as it looks #GORGEOUS! If it seems expensive, split the cost amongst 4 people and #indulge! A VERY #HAPPY #NEWYEAR FOODIES #2016

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5. Hot Chocolate Ball @Acappella

So this little ball of chocolate is lit up on fire and then melted with hot chocolate. If that isn't a show you want to see then don't talk to me.

6. La Paleta @Waka

Ok so hear me out. Chocolate mouse covered in hazelnut chocolate, with double chocolate cookies topped with raspberry meringue and gold foil. I rest my case.

7. Chocolate Tower @Waffee Street

The leaning tower of Pisa who? This tower is made of strawberries, bananas, chocolate sauce and other goodies. The best part is taking the glass coverage off and seeing everything come down!

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