Omg You Can Shop Matching Styles With Your Bae And Bff And We’re Obsessed!

Twinning has never looked so good!
Omg You Can Shop Matching Styles With Your Bae And Bff And We’re Obsessed!

If your Bae or BFF is the burger to your fry then rejoice cause there's a new e-com in the UAE all about twinning!

Twinning, a 2018 born fashion marketplace is focusing only on matching outfits. Matching with someone you love has been a sign of affection and fun in the past and so Twinning wants to simplify that experience for its buyers. In fact, they made a special deal that when you buy the matching outfits you get a 10% off. Which means it's even more accessible to you and your partner!!

The App is available on Apple and Android. There are already some really awesome brands that have joined Twinning including Lacoste, Vilebrequin, Havaianas, Steve Madden, Koton, Lee Cooper, Tommy Hilfiger, Iconic, Kappa, Bossini and more.

An awesome feature that I personally love is the free shipping over Dhs200 and a free return policy for up to 14 days! Also, the clothes are shipped in 1-2 days!

Here are 5 ways to twin with your BFF with Twinning:

1.  For A Glam Occasion

2. Daytime Summer Cool

3. Beach Party

4. For A Big Night Out

5. Going Casual

You can now shop these style and MUCH more at

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