15-Year-Old Millie Bobby Brown's Net Worth Is Totally Relatable (Said No One Ever)

More like MILLION Bobby Brown, amirite?
15-Year-Old Millie Bobby Brown's Net Worth Is Totally Relatable (Said No One Ever)

Millie Bobby Brown is 15 and already a self-made millionaire, so if you need to take a moment to feel deeply sorry for your high-school self, feel free. But to be fair, while the rest of us were spending our formative years "babysitting" (read: watching TV while a child slept in another room), Millie's been out here acting her way through three seasons of Stranger Things. On top of that, she's become a brand ambassador and a movie star—both of which are big-time lucrative.

So, like, on the one hand, YAY MILLIE BOBBY BROWN:


On the other hand, here's me looking back at my childhood, realizing I did it all wrong:


Anyway, let's take a look at ya girl's net worth:

First Up: What Does 'Stranger Things' Pay?

LOL, so much. According to Deadline, Millie—along with the rest of Stranger Things' core cast of kids—made around Dhs110,000 an episode during the show's first two seasons. There were 8 episodes in season one and 9 episodes in season two, so—BUSTS OUT MIDDLE SCHOOL MATH—she made Dhs1,870,000.

But the cast negotiated raises ahead of season three, so now they're earning around Dhs920,000 an episode. Which means Millie made Dhs7 million for the upcoming 8-episode season. SoOoOOoOOOo, her total earning for the show thus far? Dhs9,200,000.


Reminder: She's a Professional Model

Millie made her debut in Calvin Klein's "By Appointment" campaign, and then signed to IMG models in 2017. A year later, she was in Moncler's summer campaign, so yeah. She's killing it. That said, the details of her fancy spon-con paychecks are between her and her bank account! And also maybe this cute dog:

She's Earning MILLIONS for Movies

Millie has been kinda busy in the Upside Down, but she still found time to make her feature film debut in 2019's Godzilla: King of the Monsters. And you will not believe what she earned. No really, take a guess:

Correct: a cool million for Millie. According to The Blast, who obtained a copy of Millie's contract, she was paid Dhs3,670,000 "plus a cut of the back end" for the movie (and keep in mind she's reprising her role in Godzilla vs. Kong.)

And Finally, She's Cashing Gamer Checks

In November 2018, Millie announced a collaboration with EA Games on The Sims 4. Her salary for this side gig hasn't been revealed, but it seems like the type of thing that would pay well for a teenager. Much like my stint as a dog walker.

So, What's Her Total Net Worth?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, that'd be Dhs14 million. Again, she is 15, I cannot stress this enough.

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