Your Guide To The Coolest Biggest Pool Floats In Dubai

Did someone say pool party??
Your Guide To The Coolest Biggest Pool Floats In Dubai

In light of our super awesome summer neon party, we decided to help you out with your look and of course accessories!

In case you missed it, here's a little bit of information about the pool party of the year! Our Neon to Neos pool party is on July 12th at The Address in downtown Dubai. It's from 1-5 pm and the Neos after party is from 5-8pm.

It isn't a pool party without some extravagant and totally awesome floats so here is where you can get the best floats in Dubai!

1. Bestway Supersized Unicorn Rider Inflatable Pool Float, Sprii, Dhs78

Of course, one of the most common types of pool floats is the unicorn! Perfect for that perfect Instagram *winky face*

2. Giant Donuts Strawberry Pool Float, Mumzworld, Dhs105

If you're a lover of food then this one is for you! Super comfy and also looks super yummy!

3. Intex Inflatable Raft Mega-Island Flamingo, Sprii, Dhs147

The flamingo is another common one. But the best thing about the flamingo is its vibrant pink tone!

4. Ice Cream Cone Pool Floater, Intex via Noon, Dhs129

Keeping you cool for the summer! (get it, cause ice cream is cold but this float makes you look cool...)

5. Hot Panda Floats - Inflatable Polar Bear, Mumzworld, Dhs473

This big guy can even become a sort of boat. It can be pressed down, this was no one can flip you over easily!

6. Butterfly Pool Float, Ibasetoy via, Dhs247

We love this one become from an aerial view it literally looks like you're a butterfly!

7. Mermaid Float, Jasonwell via, Dhs165

Ever had a dream of becoming a mermaid when you were younger? Because this float has a tail which can be used as a back support or if pictured right, it looks like you genuinely have a tail.

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