Guys, ITP Live Has Released A Huge Makeup Collection With Fara Beauty!

We love a good local collab!
Guys, ITP Live Has Released A Huge Makeup Collection With Fara Beauty!

ITP Live has just released a new makeup palette collaboration with local beauty brand, Fara Beauty!

Fara Beauty is a family run company cause who doesn't love some sibling goals, am I right? 

Nazanin Fara, founder of Fara Beauty, along with her sisters and co founders Aida and Sogand says: “We are pushing the limits of what luxury beauty can deliver, while still keeping things affordable.  It's a mission we've been quite successful at so far.”

Nazanin Fara is an ITP influencer, hence the amazing collaboration. 

The line is called Milano and was developed here in Dubai but manufactured in Milan hence the name Milano. The collection will offer highlighters, a contour palette, eyeshadows, a primer and some brushes, basically the whole shebang!

Nazanin says: “Our 2018 Milano Collection pays close attention to the details that make a big difference when it comes to the results the beauty products deliver."

The collection is available online and in store! So now if you don't mind, I'm gonna go support my local brands and possibly hurt my wallet!

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