Make These Fashion Faux Pas Iconic Again With These Simple Tips

We're leaving the rules in 2018
Make These Fashion Faux Pas Iconic Again With These Simple Tips

We all know that when conquering the style game, there are certain lines you just do not cross (unless you're Hailey Bieber and you can literally rock a paper bag) if you want to be taken seriously. Basic no-gos? Socks-and-sandals (basically a dad 'fit), jeans and a dress, all-over animal prints (made that mistake one too many times). The list goes on. But guess what, it's 2019 gals, which means now you can transform any 'fit from zero to hero with just a pair of gorge hoops or a lipgloss swipe. I'm telling you, you'll be a fashion icon in no time if you just follow these simple steps to throw the "rules" out the window. Because who needs 'em (Dua Lipa, that's who)? 


Be honest. Is there such thing as too much denim? Well, 2004 Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake's iconic matching look def answered that question (the answer is a resounding yes btw). So if you've heard about the denim-on-denim epidemic in the last decade, you know that cringe is the word on everyone's mind. But I promise, the bad rep is just that—a bad rep. For real, there are so many easy ways to slay denim-on-demin if you know the go's and no-go's.

Peep qween Riri killing it as usual

1. Just a tee or tank underneath... no flashy patterns! Denim is already a statement so adding a simple pop of colour (red is a personal fave of mine) or plain white t-shirt is 100% yass. 

2. Colour consistency is key... make sure the jacket and jeans are the same, I repeat, SAME, shade of blue. This will make the outfit way more cohesive. 

3. Keep it simple...go with a very easy and uncomplicated denim pairing (skirt-jacket or jacket-pants). Avoid long dresses and complicated designs/patches like the plague. 

Trousers over dress

One of the oldest rules in the book, trousers-under-dress has def been a criminal offense in the fashion world for as long as I can remember (and I'm a '90s baby). But the catch is—that's only if you do it wrong. Now if you do it correctly, it can be not only fashion-forward but fashion-revolutionary. And trust me, it can be done. All you gotta do is listen up. 

If Zendaya can do it, so can you

1. Make the trousers the star of the show... opt for show-shopping trousers and a simple dress. There is such thing as too much va-va-voom. 

2. Colour-coordinate... for another amaze trousers-dress duo, try to match your trousers to your dress. The colour and pattern consistency will put the 'fit together just like that.


A staple Dad-and-athletic footwear combo, it's safe to say the words socks and sandals are typically never uttered together in the fashion world. If anything, socks-and-slides are def making a comeback in recent years, but the misunderstood socks-and-sandals is still yet to make a groundbreaking fashion debut. I'm here to tell you it can, and should, be done. 

Sabrina the teenage witch or Kiernan? We can't tell. 

1. Make it clash-free... with socks and strappy sandals (heels or flats), you have to make sure the socks and sandals are complementary. An easy fix is to colour-match, but you can also pair a white with a light peach/beige or any two colors that work together. 

2. Class up the sandals... ditch the slides and opt for the more stylish wedges or heels. That way, onlookers can't possibly mix up fashion and loungewear. 

3. Stand out... I'm talking the craziest, boldest shoes plus a perfectly complementing pair of socks. Hey, if you're gonna do it, do it all the way.

And there you go, the easiest ways to become a rule-breaker and fashion qween. Because tbh, rules don't belong in 2019 anyway. Thank u, next. 

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