Psst, Here's How To Unlock ~Secret~ Instagram Story Filters

Upgrading my selfie like a pro
Psst, Here's How To Unlock ~Secret~ Instagram Story Filters
Instagram / Johanna Jaskowska

Hello, I have a secret to share. What if I told you it's possible to make your selfies look even better, and that there is a whole world 'secret' Insta filters quietly outdoing the mainstream on Instagram?

Well, some Instagram influencers have created their very own Instagram filters that are only accessible to those who follow them. I know, I was shocked too. So here is a roundup of the best people to follow for the best filters! You, are, welcome. 

1. @nahir.esper

This girl hasn't just got 1 filter, she's got tonnes. By following her you get the butterfly filter, various neon filters, tears, upside down photos, coloured photos, film, flowers, butterflies, and more. I'm obsessed.

2. @johwska

Johanna's filters are slightly harder to explain. There's the "wet holographic" look, a techno mask, a silver liquid ish mask, some colours and some gold design. You know what, it's probs better if you look for yourself.

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Tristan, aka you new superhero, created a whole Instagram dedicated to creating filters. The list here is really long but to least a couple, you've got some Beyoncé worthy crowns, some martian coloured face paint, a bunch of glasses, some horns and some halos. Basically a solid mix.


If you're looking for 50+ filters in 1 account then this is the account for you. Ranging from pizza heads (goals) to avocados, burger headphones and flying doughnuts. Basically, if you love food, this will be your happy place.

5. @tokyyto

If you've always been a fan of doodles and you've also wanted them on your face then Tokyyto has got you covered. This account has some of the coolest doodles and some colour filters.

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