Farzi Cafe Is Serving Up Gastronomical Dining Experiences That Will Blow Your Mind

"Soil" anyone?
Farzi Cafe Is Serving Up Gastronomical Dining Experiences That Will Blow Your Mind

It was a late night dinner that my family had planned with some friends. They chose Farzi Cafe located in City Walk. None of us knew anything about it but we're sure glad we chose it. Cause it was something. 

Farzi Cafe is an Indian gastronomical restaurant. Each plate has a meaning and is carefully selected. While some of their dishes are more international they add spices and somehow change the dishes into completely new ones, with the same if not better taste.

When seated we were served with little cups (surrounded with nitrogen with what seemed like an egg yolk. The server told us it was mango and it needed to be taken as a shot (it was not liquid so we had to bite it though).

We proceeded with three different appetizers. Followed by the main meal. Of course, being the people we are, we tried everyone's plates because we were just too curious! And it wasn't disappointing.

However, my favourite part of the dinner was the desert. My friend ordered a decomposed cake. Now I was confused when she ordered this because who in their right mind would want a DECOMPOSED cake?? But when the waitress brought it over she explained that every dish has a story.

The crumbled cake came in a large bowl with berries, nuts and edible flowers. She explained that the nuts were rocks and the berries other ingredients that we find in the soil. She then poured warm melted chocolate on top of the "soil" aka the cake crumbles. She said that whatever happens in life, one has to embrace it and that a little "rain" can create something beautiful. At this point the "soil" became mud. But oddly enough there was something so intriguing and capturing about this "mud". And it tasted amazing, to say the least!

All I can say is that I'm definitely coming back and perhaps pouring a little more 'rain'!

In case you wanted to know the opening dates and hours:

Sunday-Monday from 10am to 11pm

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