Dress According To Your Body Shape With These Super Easy Tips

Byeee unflattering romper!
Dress According To Your Body Shape With These Super Easy Tips

Let's be honest. Not everything can look amazing on everyone. But on the other hand, certain 'fits can accentuate your body and get you 0 to 100 aka insta-ready real quick. All you gotta do is remember to dress for your body shape, and you've officially conquered the style game. Just take a look at your fav celebs—they know what's up.

Slaying that print like it ain't no thang 

Full glam never looked so good 

Follow this simple-as-can-be guide to dressing for your body shape and trust me, fashion will be your friend: 


Pear-Shaped Bodies 

So you have some junk in your trunk but not as much going on upstairs? No problem. For those with bigger hips/legs and small torsos/arms, the dressing guidelines are simple. 

Do... wear high-waisted and slightly loose jeans. They will highlight your wider hips and make your body shape stand out without clinging to your legs. 

Do... wear form-fitting blouses to make your smaller arms stand out.  

Don't... wear long skirts. Not only will they hide your best features aka your legs and hips, but they will also make your legs look much bigger than they are (eek!). 

Apple-Shaped Bodies

Having a centre-heavy body may seem tricky at first, but it's actually really simple to dress for that body type! You simply have to remember to draw attention towards your arms and legs instead of your stomach and bust. 

Do... pick high-waisted bottoms. Whether it be shorts, a skirt, or jeans, it's best to opt for the high-waisted option to focus attention away from the torso region and highlight the legs. 

Do... choose a structured jacket. It's best to wear a simple cut blazer or sweater that will minimize your waist and create curves in your torso (layering also helps). 

Don't... wear extremely tight tops. This will make your torso, the region where most of your body weight is, look more prominent. 

Hourglass Bodies

Often hailed as the most desirable body shape (but obvi every body shape is gorg), hourglass can be super fashion-forward if styled right (hello, Kim K?).  But, that's only if you learn to accentuate the best features. For this shape, the rules are by far the easiest. It's all about the waist. 

Do... literally "dress" it up for every occasion. Dresses are the best option because they cinch your waist in most cases (depending on the dress) and give you a defined shape.

Don't...  wear flowy blouses. They don't do any justice to your figure and hide your waist instead accentuating it. A no-go for sure. 

And there you go. Not only are these tips beyond simple, but trust me, they'll def give you a conversation starter at your next fancy dinner party!  

Dress According To Your Body Shape With These Super Easy Tips
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Dress According To Your Body Shape With These Super Easy Tips
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