Hey, Huda Kattan Has Revealed 7 Tips For A Successful Digital Detox

Taking a break was never so easy
Hey, Huda Kattan Has Revealed 7 Tips For A Successful Digital Detox

If you didn't know, Huda Kattan decided to push the pause button on social media the last couple of weeks and we're all for it. After all, I've heard being the founder of a multi-million dollar beauty company can be pretty exhausting. Per her digital detox/cleanse, Huda took a trip to Korea to better focus on her fam and the real world. Insta out, gorgeous sunsets and nature in. 

“Unplugging is definitely something that I struggle with on a daily basis… And as much as [social media] can be really fun and really great, sometimes it can be overwhelming, so there are moments when you need to take a break and take some time for yourself,” the beauty mogul told Refinery29

She goes on to note that detoxing from the digital world can help you better connect with the real world. Dw Huda, Black Mirror has def shown us that

Although social media can be pretty inescapable these days (okay, but sunlight selfies?), stepping away from the spotlight every now and then can help you recharge. If you're a social media addict like me (or just someone looking for a detox), try out Huda's 7 tips on unplugging from the 'gram, the 'chat, FB and more (Myspace, anyone?). 

1. Spend time with loved ones.

“Sometimes you just need extra person-to-person contact,” Huda suggests. “Try catching up with your friends and family in real life, instead of only through social media. Making real time connections with the people you love keeps you energised.”

2. Take a trip. 

Taking a break from your daily activities can reenergise and destress you. Not only is it loads of fun to go exploring in a new city, but stepping away from your routine will help you stay off the socials, I'm telling you. 

3. Test the waters first. 

“I always start my day at work with me time… just cleanse my mind,” the founder of Huda Beauty says. If in the beginning, you absolutely need to check your story or review your Insta likes (we've all been there), have no fear. Because you can always break it up, with sessions of detoxing. 

4. Leave your phone behind. 

“Your personal care time and bedtime routine is so important,” she notes. “I always leave my phone outside the bathroom before prepping for bed. My personal time is for me, and it’s important to keep it that way.”

5. Be present at the dinner table... for the most part. 

“I know meals can be pretty Instagram-able these days, so once I’ve gotten a good snap or two of my food, I always put my phone away." Sharing a meal and engaging with your company is def a lot easier when you ditch the distraction! 

6. Give it a chance before you quit. 

"While the first few hours of your social media detox might seem the hardest, set your mind on a specific goal and try to disconnect for that duration of time."

7. Remember you can always go back.  

“It’s totally normal and super healthy to check out sometimes,” says Huda. Even though the detox may seem like it will last forever, it won't. Your friend's baby shower pics will still be waiting for you when you decide to re-plug. 

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