Guys, ASOS Is Trying To Save The Planet

And we're here for it
Guys, ASOS Is Trying To Save The Planet

In 2017 ASOS signed a contract at the Copenhagen Fashion Summit to improve sustainable fashion. Basically, they're saving the world in their own way.

Their 2020 goals include:

  • By 2020, we will train all of our design teams on circular design techniques and best-practice
  • By 2020, we will train all of our relevant product teams on circular principles and best-practice for packaging.
  • By 2020, we will launch a garment collection scheme and recycling programme for apparel for customers located in the UK and Germany, our two biggest markets. We will support this programme by engaging customers, through social media, on garment care, repair and recycle.
  • Each year from 2018 - 2020 we will publish external targets for increasing post-consumer recycled textile materials in our products whilst eradicating those that cannot be cycled. We will report on our progress and continue this initiative past 2020.

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Their goals are to make their clients recycle old clothes that they do not use. They also aim to reduce packaging and all pre-consumer waste. Meaning production waste. ASOS is working with various organizations to make sure the material they use is sustainable and have the least amount of waste possible.

Because they're going to use sustainable raw materials aka the cotton and other fabric starters, they can reduce their carbon, water and waste footprints, limit chemical and pesticide usage, help prevent deforestation and aim to protect freshwater and biodiversity. Honestly, I'm totally here for it!

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