A Flight Attendant On Why You Should Always Book Early Morning Flights

Two words. Cleaner. Planes.
A Flight Attendant On Why You Should Always Book Early Morning Flights

  • You should always book the earliest flight possible to avoid delays, according to a flight attendant.
  • The blogger and cabin crew revealed delays usually have a knock on effect throughout the day, and so in order to steer clear, you should be setting an alarm for way before the crack of dawn.

While a 3am wake up call is very, very grim (do you go to bed? Do you stay up all night?), a cabin crew member has revealed why early morning flights are actually the best ones to book.

It's because they're the least likely to be delayed, or suffer a knock on effect throughout the day from other flights being delayed.

Stella Connolly, behind the blog Fly With Stella, told NBC News: "Early morning flights are the best. They’re almost always on time. As the day goes by, if one flight is late it’s a snowball effect and there’s a higher chance flights will be delayed. I recommend flying early."

Stella also revealed another perk to getting an earlier flight where you can - the planes will be cleaner. Despite being cleaned in between each set of passengers, the flight attendant revealed planes are generally cleaner first thing in the morning, because crews have had a chance to do a thorough cleansing of the cabin without any passengers aboard.

So next time you're heading off on your holidays, try to drag yourself out of bed a little bit easier. Not only does it mean a potentially cleaner plane and less chance of being delayed, but more time around the pool and a beverage in hand abroad by noon, too!

H/T Cosmo UK 

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