Now You Can Try On Make-Up At Home Before Hitting The Buy Button!

The future of online shopping has arrived in the Middle East
Now You Can Try On Make-Up At Home Before Hitting The Buy Button!

Let’s be honest, online shopping is the greatest invention since sliced bread. You can satisfy your shopaholic cravings while huddled up in bed and disconnecting from the stress world out there. *pure bliss*

However there are a few teeny tiny down sides to the virtual shopping sprees:

1. It’s highly addictive.
2. Buying make-up online is a nightmare.

The times that I spotted a super cute lippie shade online and immediately hit buy, just to be disappointed when it turns out that the shade looked lots cuter on screen then on my face, are too many to count. You get me girl?

Online beauty retailer Golden Scent understands us and they came up with a solution! They created the region’s first AR (augmented reality) try on feature for their Android & iPhone app. It basically works just like a snapchat filter: you turn on the front camera and can go crazy trying out every single shade of lippie, eyeshadow etc. in their online store! It’s a techy beauty miracle. 

A new era of make-up shopping has dawn and the future looks damn glam!

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