I Am Obsessed With Puma Putting Arab Girls In Historical Pictures

Yes to the new trainer campaign.
I Am Obsessed With Puma Putting Arab Girls In Historical Pictures
Supplied by Puma

What would it look like if strong women took the place of men in pictures that have made history? Well, that’s exactly what Puma did for their next big campaign.

The German sportswear company teamed up with local based creative agency Mad Juice to promote the new female version of their famed CELL Alien sneakers. For this occasion two local, creative minds - Nicole Mahakian and Aisha Almohtadi - from Mad Juice came up with the idea to take imminent moments from history that were led by men and instead put Arab girls into their place.

This would look something like this:

Moon Landing

The girl in the pic: Laura McCone

Laura is the typical Dubai resident: half Belgian and New Zealandia, she grew up in Dubai and now lives and works here as aspiring photographer. She perfectly represents the richness of Dubai’s multiculturalism!

Usain Bolt Dominating the Olympics

The girl in the pic: Meg aka. Megatronic

Music sensation and celebrated female DJ breaks the stigma that spinning tunes is an “all-boys club”. She’s also the founder of Female First Sessions, that aims at bringing together inspiring woman to share their knowledge and experience in fun and creative workshops.

The Beatles

Maliha - Advertising specialist
Nour AlKhateeb - Graphic and Multimedia Designer.
Julie Hutchinson - Yoga Instructor
Marina Kelly - Tour guide

Each of the girls are fun, fierce and fearless females from all walks of life - including DJs, yoga instructors, students and creatives that represent our society. Puma and Mad Juice wanted to break the gender stereotypes in the Middle East and show a new and emancipated side of our generation: one where girls can achieve everything they set their mind on and can take up the place traditionally held my men.

Cool kicks that represent female empowerment while looking fire? YES please! We are so here for this new wave of fashion with a message def getting us a pair of the Puma CELL Stellar.

The Trainer is available in three sporty colours: Blue, pink and yellow




Support your local girl gang and get your pair online on Puma.com and in selected Puma stores all over the UAE.

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