Yay, Hakkasan Dubai Has Introduced Special Dietary Menus

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Yay, Hakkasan Dubai Has Introduced Special Dietary Menus

Listen up, foodies. Renowned Cantonese restaurant Hakkasan Dubai has introduced a selection of new offerings for those among us with dietary restrictions.

The range of new menus will include gluten-free, nut free, shellfish free, vegetarian - as well as a vegan options featuring a selection of signature dishes. Impressive.

The Gluten free range include specialities like wok-fry New Zealand blue abalone and sautéed scallop with salted olive and porcini, while the nut-free gourmet options feature Dim Sum platters and Jasmine tea smoked wagyu beef ribs. Yes, please! 

For diners with shellfish free requirements, menu options boast roasted silver cod and sweet and sour chicken with pomegranate, while veggies can feast on grilled vegetarian dumplings and crispy bean curd wrap in spicy lemongrass sauce. Meanwhile, highlights for vegans feature Dim Sum platters and grilled vegetarian shanghai dumplings.

Are you hungry yet? Thought so.

For reservations call (+971) 4 426 26 26 or email hakkasan@atlantisthepalm.com.