You Need To See Taylor Swift's Giant Back Tattoo Like, Now

Does it have a deeper meaning?
You Need To See Taylor Swift's Giant Back Tattoo Like, Now
Instagram / Taylor Swift

So we were casually scrolling through Instagram when a picture of Tay showed up. And it wasn't your typical sweet photo of the superstar. Oh no. It was a picture of her back with a huge tattoo *shook*.

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The tattoo (we're not sure if it's real or fake at this point in time) is of a snake erupting into butterflies, and we think this symbolises more than just a pretty inking.

In her "Reputation" phase, Tay focused on snakes and getting back at people. However, in her recent ME! song, she shows the exact same image as her back. The errupting snake. 

Taylor Swift's new album is focused on love and therefore her tattoo could symbolise her own change in her personality - from revenge to a happier place. Her transformation into a butterfly, if you will. 

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