The Ultimate Dubai Girl’s Guide To Surviving Love

Because let's face it, we all need it.
The Ultimate Dubai Girl’s Guide To Surviving Love

You’ve just moved to Dubai and are all set to live it up in the city where everything seems to sparkle, including the metro. So you’ve got the job, found the perfect apartment and your squad is pretty much #goals. The only thing missing is that ring on your finger, and the right kind of guy to get you the rock of your dreams. Land of opportunity it may be, but is it the place you’ll meet THE ONE? We’re not going to lie, there’s tons of pros but there’s also a bunch of cons you’re going to navigate your way through in the land of meet-and- greet. Enter, our fail-proof, ironclad survival guide of do’s and don’ts. Read and thank us later.

Don’t respond to texts after he’s gone to brunch

Brunch in NYC (where I lived pre-Dubai) meant a stack of pancakes, lots of carbs and four hours of convo before going home to snooze. So yeah, I showed up for my first Dubai brunch in sweats and a tee (plenty of room to eat) not AT ALL prepared for the raging food and party fest that hit me hard. Dubai brunches are cray and people who walk out of there, completely out of their senses. Ignore his texts, especially to hang out – nothing good’s going to come out of it.

Don’t judge if he takes you out via metro

He’s cute, has a good job and is taking you out for a nice meal… BUT there’s no Uber, Careem or car waiting outside. Instead, he’s actually making you walk in your four-inch heels and (GASP) get on the metro. Before you sling back those stilettos and strut out of the date, just figure out WHY he’s taking the long route. Is he green? In the mood for adventure? Or is he too cheap to cough up the bucks for a cab? If it’s because of the latter then it’s time to walk away, but give the guy a chance to explain before you count him out of the running.

Teachers aren’t as ‘good’ as you think

Just because he’s chosen to educate kids for a living doesn’t mean he’s a saint. Some of the biggest party animals around are those who teach. Pin it down to all the vacay time – they’ve just got the energy to party.

Do accept that they’re probably going to move

Dubai is a transient place and the only thing that keeps you here is your job. So be prepared for him to split if he’s either laid off or hates what he does. And even if he choses to stay for a few years, it’s probable he’ll want to head home eventually. So make sure you’re on the same page before committing to the long haul.

Don’t judge if he loves the entertainer

Again, there’s nothing wrong in being smart. Just because he’s looking for a good deal doesn’t mean he’s cheap. He could just be finance whiz who knows how to stash that cash for a rainy day and have a big, fat savings account.

Don’t let him take you to ladies’ nights

At ladies’ nights, you get stuff for free. So girls, if he takes you to one of these, he’s either cheap or looking for other options while he’s out with you. When he suggests grabbing a drink somewhere, before you say yes, please google it and make sure that there’s no ladies anything going on. If he can’t pay full price and have a one-on-one with you, then he’s totally not worth it!

If he’s leaving your Whatsapp READ, it’s not you

There’s this thing Dubai guys do – they read your WhatsApp and just don’t get around to answering it. With a city full of gorgeous options and a new tax-free paycheck, some guys think they’re all that. Fact is, they’re not; YOU are. And if he doesn’t respond, he’s NOT the one. Walk away and do not follow up, stalk or obsess.

Don’t judge if where he lives

There’s this not-so-subtle divide in Dubai between Dubai Marina and Downtown. Word on the street is that Downtown has more eligible, stable guys while Marina guys are all about a good party. A single GF once told me, “You’ll never find the right guy at Rock Bottom but you will at Zuma and LPM.” This is a total myth, girls.

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