How To Dip Out Of Work And Not Get Fired!

Because sometimes you just need midday yoga, you know?
How To Dip Out Of Work And Not Get Fired!

Who among us hasn't had the carnal 3 p.m. urge to slam their laptop shut, ditch their coworkers' ramblings, and embark on a power walk around the park? Especially when mornings =snooze button, lunch break =actual lunch, and nights =happy hour/binge- watching Riverdale. Sure, you can't skip work every day for some ~me time~, but occasionally getting in a quick workout when you're on the clock is a hundred per cent possible. Heed this advice and your boss won't even notice you're gone.

Step 1:  Nail your work-to workout lewk

Don't waste time changing into athleisure. Instead, incorporate at least half your exercise clothes into your office attire. "f I plan to go to the gym midday, I wear a high-neck shirt or dress to mask my sports bra - changing those takes forever," says Anu, 31, from New York. "I'm also careful about accessories - I stick with only studs and not my usual bangles and watch. Wearing trainer socks inside my work shoes is a good way to save five more seconds too." When possible, opt for black leggings that can double as tights or pants. (ICYMI, they also hide post-gym sweat stains and make your butt look amazing.)

Step 2: Sync calendars with your boss ;)

Book a class when you know your manager will be 000, at lunch, or in a super long meeting, says Jackie, 30, from Philadelphia. Sneak your phone into that Pilates class, but remember to turn it to Do Not Disturb (you're not a monster!). Then change your settings so only your boss's messages come through while you're on the mat.

PS. Wearing socks inside your work shoes is a good way to save five second!

Step 3: Schedule it like a meeting

Put your sesh on your work cal like a meeting, says Jaclyn, 34, from Portland, Oregon. If your team uses an internal system like Outlook, this blocks off the time so your coworkers will know you're unavailable...but not necessarily why. You can use the initials of the workout, like "ST" for strength training, or the instructor's name as though you're having a one-on-one. Well done, you swole, sneaky genius.

Step 4: Leave sweat out of it

Stick to a low-impact session like yoga or barre so you can avoid the need to shower. To make sure you look fresh back at work, hairstylist Natasha Leibel suggests this hack: Pre-workout, pull your mane high onto the crown of your head, tie a ponytail, and then wind or twist your hair and wrap it into a bun. Secure the whole thing with bobby pins. The heat generated from your workout and the cooldown after will create a setting effect unwind and shake out for an even better style than you started with. Then just apply a li'l deodorant, use a face wipe, do a make-up touch-up, and you're golden.

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